Every new day seems to bring a national calamity, courtesy of the Trump administration. I struggled to find a way that I could provide some meaningful support to those who are fighting these injustices. After donating to some charities, bitching on Facebook, and yelling at the TV, I felt there had to be a different way. That's when I came up with these; a series of politically charged, downloadable posters.

I decided to make a series of designs, free for download, and available to anyone who would like them. The idea is to provide a printable poster, for those looking to voice their frustrations. They are 18" x 24" files, at 150dpi. They can be printed at your local printshop, and used in a variety of ways, including: mounted to a stiff backing for a protest poster, wheatpasted to a wall in your town, or simply posted to your social network of choice. 

If you would like to download a print-ready version, visit www.welovesupremeleader.com